The following updates will be included in the March 2.0.0 release:

#7        Include Stitched! Adventure for 4-6 players (6 Episodes each of 8-10 hours of game play time)

#98      Add Resisting Talent Use

#99      Update cover "ID Control" number to reflect release date

#100    Update rear cover page to remove ISBN as no longer required; digital platform release ONLY

#101    Update "release stamp" on page 2 to 2.0.0 (Major content 2 Minor content 0 Patch 0)

#102    Add the MAB Modèle C French handgun used in the Stitched! adventure

#103    Add the French Hotchkiss Folding SMG, as a more compact, concealable, submachine gun option

#104    Add the British Sten Gun Mk VI S as a compact, silenced, submachine gun option

#105    Expand list of damaging poisons, e.g. Type A, 1 round to act, d10 points per round, for 10 rounds

#106    Update Weapon Damage Profile for the Jacob Electric Bolt Gun (increase damage, add cumulative chance to stun)

#107    Add Range (based on Rank) to Cellular Manipulation

#108    Update Demoralize to clarify that this affects the targets NEXT Action

#109    Add "have a chance to resist its lasting effects" to Phantom Reality

#110    Rework Mind Wraith to be time dependent, leaving the victim at 1 Health and unconscious

#111    Add "have a chance to resist its lasting effects" to Mind Wraith

#112    Clarify that the additional melee strikes from Ravage are main hand only

#113    Update Temporal Acceleration to simply "Avoid all physical melee attacks for the duration"

#114    Increase duration of Sense Danger from round to minute

#115    Increase range of Psychic Shock from feet to yards, add duration 2 rounds per Rank and attack/damage cancels effect

#116    Add duration of 1 minute per Rank to Paralysis

#117    Update Deathly Doldrums to use standard "resist Talent" rules

#118    Increase Biofeedback damage reduction, simplify to "Reduces the damage resulting from the next physical injury you sustain by 5 per Rank.", and add expiration of 10 minutes per Rank

#119    Add Grenade as a Ranged Weapon Skill

#120    Clarify a NecroMech Talent with Necrotic Energy greater than that available will fail without first increasing the pool through Life drain

#121    Necrotic Energy cost for Crushing Despair reduced from 10 to 5 per use

#122    Necrotic Energy cost for Necrovasculation reduced from 10 to 5 per use

#123    Add the CuZtom Assassinator pistol with integrated silencer that takes specialized Shredder ammunition for greater damage

#124    Add specialized Shredder ammunition

#125    Add Psyblock as a Talent suppression agent in Psycrafters NOT NecroMechs

#126    Add Poison Pen to Tradecraft Paraphernalia

#129    Add ODESSA "Buzzsaw" machine gun (HX/A0/R10) based on the MG42

#131    Add the Amp Stick, a Gemstone Capacitor powered walking stick, with a 10 d10 damage potential

#132    Add clothing to Wardrobe including hats, coats, etc. as expand "Dieselpunk fashion" theme

#135    Expand description of Gemstone Capacitors to include cut, weight, and size

#136    Add +2 Charisma to particular uses of Misperception

#137    Re-introduce Simplified Option for encounter resolution

#138    Update to improve Berlin Situation Report (and tie better to Stitched!)

#139    Increase usefulness of Reinforce Armor by allowing single item applicability that extends to, for example, gun barrels otherwise susceptible to overheating